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Welcome To Diverse Children's Books Matter

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About Us

Diverse Children's Books Matter, where we believe that every story matters. Our mission is to bridge diversity gaps through relatable stories, forging connections that lay the foundation for a future where every child feels seen, valued, and represented within the pages of our books.

Our Books


"I love My Daddy"

"I Love My Daddy" is not only a touching story, but also an educational one. It's a great tool for teaching children about diversity, and how families can come in all shapes and sizes. 


"I Matter For Teen Boys"

"I Matter For Teen Boys" is a grow-with-you journal that serves as a roadmap for teen boys navigating the rollercoaster ride of middle and high school.


“I Matter For Teen Girls” 

“I Matter For Teen Girls” is a grow-with-you roadmap that assists teen girls in navigating the rollercoaster ride of middle and high school.

"Mommy Did You Know"

This book celebrates the special connection between  a mother and her children. From the tiniest gestures to the most grand displays of affection, this heartwarming story reminds readers of the power of love, laughter, and the magic that resides within family bonds.

Book Spotlight and Affiliations

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Recent Mentions

Juanita Banks-Whittington is an award-winning children’s book author, Army Veteran, Social Worker, and Diversity Practitioner.


She is best known for her heartwarming children's book, "I Love My Daddy," which celebrates the special bond between a little girl and her father. Juanita specializes in writing children’s books that highlight positive relationships and bridge diversity gaps, aiming to introduce young minds to a future where they feel seen, valued, and represented.

In a heartwarming segment, Tabitha and her daughter shared their love for the book, highlighting its touching story and beautiful illustrations.

Watch the video above to see the wonderful moment and hear their glowing review. We are honored to have such a well-loved figure share our story with her audience, and we hope it brings as much joy to your family as it did to theirs.

Gallery Highlights

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